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Nevertheless, the rights to exercise autonomy over family size and to live free from discrimination based on health status are fundamental rights recognized in national and international legislation. In addition to violating Griselda’s rights to non-discriminatory health services and to choose the number and spacing of her children, the physician’s attitude and threat to withdraw medical services obstructed her right to benefit from accurate information and scientific advances. The actions of this physician are also a barrier to implementing optimal medical interventions that would prevent vertical HIV transmission and would promote Griselda’s health and that of any future children. Mexico has a longstanding and successful national family planning policy and offers extensive access to a number of reproductive health care services. Misogynistic comments and moral judgments about the patients’ sexual practices to coercive or non-consensual medical procedures are some forms of mistreatment and violence that women across Mexico may encounter in the country’s health system.

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The march coincided with other large demonstrations in cities across the country, from Tapachula to Tijuana. The outsized rallies were just the beginning of a landmark 48-hour effort by Mexican women to demonstrate the urgency of the national emergency of femicide and other violence against women in the country. With little help from the government, citizens are now relying on grassroots organizing and support to combat gendered violence and discrimination.

It was very important for women to start at the grassroots level, she added. Comparing the Institute to the earlier national body, she said the Institute was now decentralized. The Institute worked side by side with the entire public administration and coordinated with all ministries, insuring that all budgets were gender-focused. It also coordinated with the states’ women’s organizations mexican beaties to ensure a gender perspective at the state level. What legal means did the Government have under its constitution to unify states’ laws with national and international legislation? Referring specifically to the differences in abortion law and educational standards, among others, she said federalism was no excuse for such far-reaching and negative implications for women.

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On 15 September, which marks the Mexican independence day, a different kind of observance was held at the central Human Rights commission of the country. The building of the commission was seized by women’s rights activists on September 7 and they have vowed to occupy it until the Mexican government, led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador takes decisive action to stop the relentless toll of rape, murder and forced disappearance. Until then, they say, the building will be repurposed as a shelter for women survivors of violence. Already around100victims have come to seek lodging and legal counsel.

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The 2005 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Macedonia Blas Flores has dedicated much of her life to campaigning against the violence inflicted on female members of the Otomi, an indigenous Mexican group. With Hñañú heritage, Blas Flores’ activism, like Andrade’s, stems from a traumatic ordeal, during which chili paste was applied to her genitals as a punishment for adultery. As a result, she lodged a claim and now works for the Fotzi Ñahño association, talking on gender violence, human rights and prevention of rape and alcoholism within indigenous communities.

Lubbock women founded Hijas de Guadalupe, for instance, in the 1920s. AMLO’s patriarchal and paternalistic views would not be quite so damaging if not for the fact that his policies and commitment to austerity have been harmful to women as well. As violence continues unabated, women who bear the brunt of these decisions have joined the ranks of those who are disappointed with an administration that made progressive promises but has acted with conservative instincts. A new official logo featuring prominent women in the country’s history on the occasion of the commemoration of International Women’s Day. To her left, it is also drawn Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez ( ), known as “la Corregidora” who played a fundamental role in the conspiracy that gave rise to the beginning of the independence movement from the state of Querétaro.

Young women at the country’s largest public university who have been protesting against sexual assault and rape on campus over the last several months hacked the intranet of the Department of Political and Social Science, which had scheduled virtual classes. A recent government service measure known as Women’s Justice Centers was starting to work until budget cuts hit. “The woman would arrive, and they would have a social worker, a psychologist, and child care provided; they would also have a legal branch to it, so they could prosecute cases that were suitable for prosecution,” Negrete said. Similar service responses are successful elsewhere in the world, but most of the centers have struggled to maintain the full suite of services since López Obrador cut the public security budget, resulting in a loss of nearly 80 percent of funding. Most of the centers are still operational at reduced hours and must do a lot more with a lot less as needs for their services rise under coronavirus conditions. Mexico does have a powerful law in place, the General Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence, which was passed in 2007. But as too many cases have demonstrated, the mandate is not enough.

Many women activists became public officials in the new Mexico City center-left PRD government . In synch with international trends , NGO activities centered mostly on proposing public policy measures, training public officials, and lobbying Congress, targeting dialogue with women PRI and PAN legislators especially through a series of “Women’s Parliament” meetings. The context of the cases shared here suggests an obvious methodological limitation to how one interprets the data from these reports. The cases shared here cannot tell us about the frequency of reproductive rights violations among women with HIV or if women with HIV without access to information perceive reproductive rights violations as a priority. Most international human rights instruments pre-date the HIV epidemic and do not specifically address the reproductive rights of people with HIV.16 Interestingly, Mexico pioneered recognition of the sexual rights of people with HIV. There are about 33 million people living with HIV around the world.

Quarantine has only amplified femicide and violence against women. In the first month that families began staying at home together in large numbers, the national network of women’s shelters reported an 80% increase in calls seeking help for gender-based violence. Many of the protesters have focused their anger on the president, who hasrepeatedly downplayed the country’s human rights crisis.

Moreover, women with preexisting health conditions, such as women with disabilities or women with chronic diseases (i.e. HIV, hypertension, diabetes), were missing in these studies. For example, over the last decade, most people living with HIV in Mexico have been from southern states , which are also classified as the poorest states and are those with the highest outgoing migration rates. Future research must address the possible interaction between remaining behind and the preexisting health conditions of women as another factor that may shape their experiences. The participation of women with an Indigenous background was limited in the included studies.

The massive support for a social transformation of gender relations in Mexico, evidenced by the protests of early 2020, continues despite the quarantine, and there are clear budget and policy decisions that Mexican authorities can take in order to respond right now. For women at risk in their homes, there need to be clearer, better-funded avenues to support women and children fleeing violence, enabled by community support. Mexican women do reach out for help—if they are asked to stay in their homes to stop the spread of a dangerously contagious virus, authorities must ensure they are not exposing them to greater vulnerability. In response to the rallies and the strike, the administration said it will not be altering current policy or making new policy to fight femicide and other violence against women. “We see a lot of money being put into things like a national policy against drug cartels, but not to prevent violence against women,” Negrete said. In the first month of coronavirus quarantine starting in March, the national network of women’s shelters reported an 80 percent increase in calls seeking help for gender-based violence. Up to 57 percent of women in the Mexican workforce intended to participate in the daylong strike when surveyed, resulting, by some estimates, in a potential economic loss to the country of $1.5 billion.

Ms. SCHOPP-SCHILLING, expert from Germany, said she was concerned about the complete absence of labour protection for domestic workers. Had the Government realized that that amounted to unintentional discrimination, as defined under article 1 of the Convention? While great progress had been made to extend social security reforms to day agricultural labourers, how many of those were women? Certainly, women comprised the majority of domestic workers, she pointed out.

We find ourselves in a perilous era for sexual and reproductive rights. Criminalization of HIV transmission, including mother-to-child transmission, is a global tendency.37 Human rights activists and people with HIV must close ranks to defend the gains made over the past 25 years in the recognition of reproductive rights for everyone. We must ensure that people with HIV are included in this universal access. The reports suggest that the ability of women with HIV to exercise their reproductive rights was severely constrained by the attitudes and actions of health care providers. The specific reproductive rights violations discussed below include 1) the right to non-discrimination in health services, 2) the right to adequate information and informed decision making, and 3) the right to choose the number and spacing of one’s children. As in other countries, high levels of violence against women are seen as part and parcel of the more general subjugation of women in society.