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But I also feel just as empowered when I wear baggy jeans, an oversized button up shirt, and big ass hoops. The freedom lies in doing both and not having to explain yourself to anyone.

Alex, or at least her mother, is looking into whether Alex will undergo gender reassignment surgery. Then they discover that the head of the family staying with them is a renowned plastic surgeon specializing in sex changes. Fluid camera work filled with shots of window frames, mirrors, and reflections emphasizes the story’s doubling, narrowness of view, and constant thinking about fixed ideas and viewpoints of themselves, of others, and of how others might perceive them. How to Get Away with Murderstar Karla Souza continues her hot streak on the big screen withEverybody Loves Somebody.She plays Clara Barron, a successful OB-GYN living and working in Los Angeles. In true rom-com mode, Clara asks a co-worker to pose as her boyfriend as she heads to a family wedding in Mexico, a choice that may finally push her to let someone into her love life again.

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She’s politically active and was the co-chair for President Barack Obama’s re-election. Longoria is dedicated to supporting immigrants and is known to speak out against anti-immigration legislation. She founded the Latino Victory Project to encourage the Latinx community to get out and vote. The Afro-Latina actor, director, and producer has had an immensely successful career with many celebrated roles. She uses her fame to raise awareness about the queer community and the importance of diverse representation in Hollywood.

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During her time as a Tupamaro, Topolansky was arrested twice, served 13 years in prison, and was often tortured. J.Lo was the first Latina to be paid 1 million dollars for a movie role when she played Selena Quintanilla in the 1997 Selena biopic. She joined Shakira to perform during the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show—the first time the two Latina singers have graced the stage together. Justice Sotomayor is the first Latinx U.S. Supreme Court Justice and the third woman to serve as an Associate Justice in the high court.

She worked tirelessly to insure farmworkers received US labor rights and co-founded the National Farmworkers Association with Cesar Chavez. No matter how diverse their cuisines are, one thing’s for sure, they love it very spicy. One way she might try to impress you is to make you some home-cooked meals. Besides, she would more than make up for the tardiness by arriving super dressed and glammed up to perfection. However, your Latin date will mind being early next time if it really matters to you. In the West, being late is considered rude, but you may have to be more open to a bit of tardiness when you’re in Latin America.

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I still struggle with insecurities like everyone else, but now I wear whatever the fuck I want and allow myself to feel good because I like it. No one in my life tells me I should be only be wearing skin-tight leggings and crop tops — which sometimes I do.

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Chongas, originating from migrant community groups in Florida, live just the same– unapologetically themselves. More often than not, you’ll conjure a typecast that’s been ingrained by years of Hollywood portrayal. Latina women are often pigeon-holed into stereotypes– Maids, prostitutes, drug dealers, or mob wives. When the media isn’t placing them as background characters in White womens’ stories, they’re categorized as sassy and “Chongalicious” or more recently, Hot Cheeto girls. Hollywood’s portrayal of Latina women being maids and bad gangsters are old.